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Discussion on downstream high-end use of melamine

Discussion on downstream high-end use of melamine

October 3,2022

The downstream uses of melamine are mainly concentrated in traditional fields such as paint, wood, paper making, textile and leather. China is a major melamine producer in the world. Affected by downstream industry construction and international market demand, melamine production has maintained a strong growth momentum. Under the background of overcapacity, domestic melamine is still expanding production and improving efficiency. It is very important to increase the R&D, promotion, transformation and application of high value-added products in the downstream of the industrial chain, and vigorously develop high-end products with melamine as the leading raw material.

       Melamine foam is one of the representative downstream high-end products. In 1996, German BASF Company introduced soft melamine foam for the first time, which attracted great attention of the industry. Melamine foam plastic is a new type of foam plastic with a three-dimensional grid structure and a porosity of more than 99%, which is made of melamine resin foam at high temperature. Melamine foam has good sound absorption, flame retardancy, heat insulation, moisture and heat resistance and other comprehensive properties, and there is no residual free formaldehyde. Therefore, it has important application potential and investment value in civil, industrial, construction, transportation, aviation, military, daily chemical and electronic fields. Melamine foam has lower bulk density, chemical corrosion resistance and more outstanding sound absorption than other similar plastic foams, especially the absorption of low-frequency noise, excellent thermal stability, aging resistance and flame retardancy. It is expected to replace polystyrene, polyurethane and other foam plastics, and has huge market potential.

      As a new type of environmental protection material, melamine foam can be used in the seat cushion of trains, airplanes and other transportation vehicles to reduce the deadweight and reduce energy consumption such as fuel. Its unique flame retardant performance can also improve driving safety. Melamine foam plastic sheet can be used as sound absorption and flame retardant materials, and can be used in cinemas, conference rooms and other places. In addition, melamine foam plastic is also widely used in air duct insulation, industrial devices and pipeline insulation, thermal insulation and other aspects.

    The wide application of melamine in related high-end products will stimulate the consumption of melamine related markets, ease the market pressure caused by overcapacity, and provide a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of the melamine industry in the future.