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Application of dimethyl carbonate in pesticide industry

Application of dimethyl carbonate in pesticide industry

October 6,2022

                                                   Application of dimethyl carbonate in pesticide industry

          Pesticides are mainly used to effectively prevent and control diseases and insect disasters in grain, eliminate or kill the toxicity of harmful insects as pesticides, effectively control or kill microorganisms in the water system -- bacteria, fungi and algae as fungicides, and completely or selectively kill weeds as herbicides. As countries around the world pay more attention to environmental protection, it is necessary to ensure that pesticide products have low toxicity, high efficiency and environmental protection characteristics in the pesticide field. Therefore, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly pesticides will become the development trend of pesticide industry in the future.

          Dimethyl carbonate is a green chemical raw material and organic synthesis intermediate, which has a variety of good reactivity and can be used as a green solvent in the pesticide industry. In the pesticide industry, the main applications of dimethyl carbonate are as follows:

1. Dimethyl carbonate is mainly used to produce methyl isocyanate, and then some carbamate pesticides. Methyl isocyanate is an important intermediate of organic synthesis, which can be made into a series of carbamate insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc.

2. In pesticide production, dimethyl sulfate and phosgene are commonly used as methylation reagents. Dimethyl sulfate and phosgene are highly toxic and carcinogenic substances, which seriously threaten human health and the surrounding environment. Substitution of dimethyl carbonate for dimethyl sulfate can improve production conditions, increase absorption and conversion, and can be used to synthesize pesticide products such as methamidophos. Dimethyl carbonate instead of phosgene can reduce toxicity and high corrosivity, and is used to synthesize carbamate pesticides.

           Dimethyl carbonate, as an important organic synthesis intermediate, has the characteristics of safety, convenience and less pollution in pesticide production. Although the market consumption of dimethyl carbonate in the pesticide industry is relatively small at present, with the acceleration of the adjustment of the pesticide industrial structure, the national requirements for pesticide safety will become increasingly strict, and the application of dimethyl carbonate products as green and environment-friendly intermediates in pesticide production will have broad prospects.