Adipic acid downstream - nylon 56
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Adipic acid downstream - nylon 56

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(English name: Polyamide56 or Nylon56; Abbreviation: PA56) is the abbreviation of polypentenediamine adipate, is a bio-based material, by the polymerization of bio-pentenediamine and petroleum adipate.

The preparation process is to first salt adipic acid and glutenediamine in aqueous solution to prepare nylon 56 brine solution, and then obtain nylon 56 slices after pre-polymerization, pre-polymerization and final polymerization under certain temperature and pressure conditions. The obtained nylon 56 slices can be processed into plastic products, and nylon 56 fibers can also be obtained by melt spinning. Nylon 56 fiber is widely used in curtain fabric, airbag, fishing net silk, carpet silk and other fields, with high strength, wear resistance, high dyeability, high temperature resistance, flame retardant and so on.

Compared with nylon 66, in addition to the wide range of applications, nylon 56 has the advantage of its environmental protection properties. One of its raw materials, pentenediamine, is produced by microbial fermentation of starch. The production process can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and at the same time, it can also break the monopoly pattern of hexanediamine by foreign enterprises, helping to alleviate the situation of high dependence on oil in China. Therefore, the biological Kindragon 56 industry may have more development prospects.

Adipic acid is the main raw material for the production of nylon 56, the company as one of the suppliers of domestic nylon 56 industry, always pay attention to and actively help the development of nylon 56 industry, our excellent product quality and stable supply capacity has become the "booster" of nylon 56 industry! In the later stage, we will continue to pay attention to the nylon 56 industry, give full play to our own industrial chain advantages, grow together with downstream customers, return to the society with high-quality products, and continue to help promote the rapid development of new materials industry!



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