Cleaning agent amino sulfonic acid for a wider range of uses
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Cleaning agent amino sulfonic acid for a wider range of uses

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Sulfamic acid as a cleaning agent, because it is solid, with storage, transportation convenience, easy preparation and many other advantages, especially suitable for long distance use.

1. Cleaning agent

The use of sulfamic acid and its salts and a variety of metal compounds can generate soluble salts, dissolved in water without precipitation and small corrosion characteristics of metal, as a cleaning agent can be efficient to remove iron, steel, copper, stainless steel, lead, ceramic and other manufacturing machines, equipment in the process of use generated rust and scale.

Sulfamic acid cleaning agent has a wide range of use, can be used to clean boiler, condenser, heat exchanger, jacket and chemical pipeline; Use it in breweries to remove layers of dirt from glass-lined storage tanks, POTS, open beer coolers, and beer kegs; Cleaning the evaporator in the enamel factory, and the equipment in the paper mill, etc. In the aspect of air conditioning, the rust and scale of cooling system and evaporative condenser can be removed; It can be used to remove seaweed and scale in seawater evaporator (distillation equipment), heat exchanger and brine heater. Can clean copper kettle, radiator, tableware washing mechanism, silver, toilet bowl, ceramic tile, food and milk processing equipment scale; It can remove deposits of protein on digesters, as well as deposits on disinfecting lycopes used in meat, vegetable and cheese processing plants. Sulfamic acid can be used in fresh meat, poultry, rabbits, egg processing enterprises as acid cleaning agent.

2. oil mine treatment agent

Because sulfamic acid is easy to react with oil reservoir rocks, sulfamic acid solution injected into carbonate reservoir can acidify mine silt, avoid salt deposition from reaction, and double oil production.

3. Electroplating

Gold plating, copper plating or alloy using sulfamic acid, can make the coating fine and ductility and high viscosity, the surface is very bright silver plating; Alkali metal sulfamate, ammonium sulfamate or sulfamate can be used as conductive and buffering compounds in the new aqueous plating solution.

When the nickel plating waste liquid is recovered, the resin is adsorbed by cation exchange resin and then cleaned by amino sulfonic acid, so that the adsorbed resin is desorbed and regenerated.

Rhodium-rhenium alloy plating on silver, electrical components, the electric liquid containing sulfonic acid is 100 g/l, when the coating thickness is less than 5 microns, there is a high hardness and strong corrosion resistance, and the electroplating is very bright, beautiful.


Sulfamic acid can accelerate Cu etching in alkaline etching solutions that dissolve copper. Its solution is used in the production of printed circuit boards, which can selectively etch copper and improve etching quality.

5. Electrochemical polishing

Sulfamic acid is used for electrochemical polishing of titanium alloy, which can increase the surface brightness of titanium alloy, so as to be used for surface treatment in aerospace and military fields.

6. asphalt emulsification

The emulsified asphalt is formed by evenly dispersing ethyl diyeast stearate in 1800 grams of molten asphalt and adding 120 grams and 12 grams of sulfionic acid. It has the characteristics of easy construction and strong adhesion to aggregate in highway construction.

7. Analytical reagents and dyeing AIDS

Sulfamic acid can be used for nitrite analysis and for removing excess nitrite after staining.

8. Bleach powder stabilizer

Chlorin sulfamate combines in water to form a more stable compound than free chlorine gas. This property can be used for disinfection of swimming pool water; The use of the (CIN-HSO3) mixture can make the disinfection effect durable, bleaching wood pulp, fibers, etc., can improve the whiteness and can improve the softness of the fibers.

9. Herbicide and anti-blight agent

Sulfamic acid and its salts can be used as herbicides, as well as as an anti-blight agent for tree or tree planting.

10. flame retardant fire retardant

Because sulfamic acid can usually be decomposed into a large number of ammonia and nitrogen when heated, with flame retardant, fire retardant effect, so wood fabric, cotton fiber flame retardant and fire retardant agent.

11. ion exchange resin with crosslinking accelerator

Sulfamic acid or sulfamic acid and its ammonium salt used in resin condensation can play the role of crosslinking accelerator, and can shorten the forming time of ion exchange resin.

12. Sulfonating agent

Sulfamic acid, as a sulfonating agent, is widely used in pharmaceutical chemical industry and organic synthesis reactions. When heated with primary alcohol, it is easy to generate dimethyl sulfate and ammonia; when distributed with phenol and naphthalene, it can generate phenolsulfonic acid and ammonium naphthol sulfonate. It is easy to react with other high molecular ammonium (such as fatty amide, etc.) to produce water-soluble compounds. Dyeing auxiliaries, etc.

13. Food and beverage additives

It can be used as raw materials for producing acesulfamil, cyclamate and other sweeteners, and is a food and beverage additive.

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