Food Grade Pectinase Enzyme for Juice Processing
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Food Grade Pectinase Enzyme for Juice Processing

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Pectinase PE-5000 is produced from highly active Aspergillus niger strains through submerged culture extraction and refining process. PE-5000 is a multi-component preparation composed by pectinesterase, polygalacturonase, pectinlyase which plays the roles of lipolysis, hydrolysis and pyrolysis respectively in the formation of galacturonic acid, oligomeric galacturonic acid, unsaturated galacturonic acid and oligomeric galacturonic acid, etc.

PE-5000 is mainly applied to fruit processing of grapes, apples, strawberries, hawthorn, dragon fruits, sea buckthorn, kiwi, pineapple and prickly pear, etc. It is also suitable for endothelial denudation of the lotus seeds and garlic, as well as off wrapping the clothing of oranges. PE-5000 is used as a very effective clarifying agent in food and beverage industry. It can reduce juice viscosity, improve the filtration rate and juice yield, and clarify fruit juices and wine.


Effective pH ranges from 3.0 to 6.0. Optimal pH ranges from 3.5 to 5.5.


Effective temperature is below 45°C. Optimal temperature ranges from 45 to 50°C. At a temperature of 60°C for 15 minutes, this product will remain its 23% enzymatic activity.


Adding PE-5000 into the detritus of fruits can make it easy to squeeze juice and also improve the juice yield. PE-5000 can dissolve the insoluble pectin under optimal conditions, decrease pectin viscosity, make the suspended particulates flocculating so that the fruit juice and juice wine are easy to be clarified and filtered. As a desirable natural clarifying agent, PE-5000 can not only shorten the processing time but also improve quality of the finished products.


The conditions of enzymatic clarification and the dosage of PE-5000 may vary with the different pectin content of different fruit juice. The effect of enzymatic clarification of juice not only depends on the different types of products, processing temperatures and pH, but also the concentration of enzyme and the time of clarification. In order to ensure the quality of the juice, lower enzyme concentration and longer clarification time should be used. Due to the different
nature of various fruit juices, small trials of the optimal enzyme concentration should be done first prior to the regular use of enzymatic clarification.

Depending on the different application, pectinase can be added during different processing stages such as impregnation, fermentation or storage. If pectinase is added after fermentation of fruit wine, it will need 8 to 12 hours to get the reaction completed.

In general, dosage level of PE-5000 is 50 to 200 grams per ton of fruit pulp.


This enzyme has been formulated for optimal stability. Typical shelf-life is six months provided it is stored below 25°C in its original packaging, sealed and unopened, protected from the sunlight. Its shelf-life will be eighteen months if this product is stored properly at 0~10°C. Prolonged storage and/or adverse conditions such as higher temperatures may lead to a higher dosage requirement, and should be avoided.

Product Specification Of Transglutaminase

Items Standards
TG Acticity 100-2000 IU/G
Loss On Dry ≤10%(105ºC 2h)
As ≤3 Ppm
Pb ≤5ppm
Total Plate Counts ≤50000 Cfu/G
Yeast And Mold ≤50 Cfu/G
E.Coliform Negatice/25g

Food Grade Pectinase Enzyme for Juice ProcessingFood Grade Pectinase Enzyme for Juice Processing

Food Grade Pectinase Enzyme for Juice Processing Food Grade Pectinase Enzyme for Juice Processing Food Grade Pectinase Enzyme for Juice Processing Food Grade Pectinase Enzyme for Juice Processing
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