Learn about ---- methylamine downstream NMF
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Learn about ---- methylamine downstream NMF

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NMF (N-methylformamide),

English name: Methyl Formamide,

CAS number :123-39-7.

NMF is a colorless transparent liquid with ammonia flavor, which can be miscible with water and ethanol,

and slightly soluble in benzene, trichloromethane and ether.

Resolve resolution:

1. Methylamine method: It is prepared by the reaction of monomethylamine and carbon monoxide.

2. Methyl formate method: It is obtained by the reaction of methyl formate and methylamine.

3. Ethyl formate method: obtained by the reaction of ethyl formate and methylamine. 

Add ethyl formate into the reactor, add an aqueous solution of methylamine under cooling, 

reflux at 40°C, and recover ethanol under reduced pressure to obtain a crude product. 

The finished product is then obtained by vacuum distillation.

The main purpose:

As an organic synthesis solvent and intermediate, NMF can be used in the synthesis of electronics, pesticides, medicines, synthetic leather, artificial leather, etc., 

as well as chemical fiber textile solvents. However, it is mainly used in the electronics and pesticide industries. 

In the electronics industry, it is mainly used as liquid crystal panel stripping liquid, which is also its main downstream industry; in the pesticide industry, it is used to produce insecticides monoformamidine and amitraz, and the demand is relatively small.


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