Nylon staple and polyester staple-Comparative analysis
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Nylon staple and polyester staple-Comparative analysis

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Staple fiber is mainly divided into three categories according to different uses: yarn spinning, filling and nonwoven, of which yarn spinning is the main use of staple fiber. Filling is mainly short fiber in the form of filler, as a home decoration filler and clothing warm materials, such as bedding, cotton clothing, sofa furniture, stuffed toys and so on. Nonwovens are an extension of the use of staple fiber, rapid development in recent years, the application of nonwovens is more widely, such as spunlaced nonwovens are mainly used in wet wipes, medical and other fields, geotextile, leather base cloth, linoleum base cloth and other mainly used in the field of engineering.

Staple fiber is mainly divided into nylon, polyester, viscose, acrylic, polypropylene five industries, today the main analysis of polyester staple fiber and nylon staple fiber, the performance comparison of the two products is as follows: 1, the specific gravity is different, polyester 1.38, nylon 1.14. 2, nylon high strength, elastic recovery ability is good, wear resistance is very good, hygroscopic and dyeing are better than polyester, and nylon weaving feel is smooth, high surface gloss. 3, polyester fabric is not easy to wrinkle, and crisp, good dimensional stability, good shape preservation.

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