What is PBT? What are the characteristics of PBT?
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What is PBT? What are the characteristics of PBT?

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  • PBT plastic is a kind of plastic composed of polybutylene terephthalate as the main body

  • Polybutylene terephthalate, also known as polytetramethyl terephthalate. PBT for short. It is a condensed polymer of terephthalic acid and 1, 4-butanediol.

      Together with PET, PBT is called thermoplastic polyester.

  • PBT is a material commonly used in household appliances, food processing blades, vacuum cleaner components, electric fans, hair dryer shells, coffee utensils and other electrical components, but also widely used in the automotive industry and housing electrical engineering, mainly used in the production of insulation materials. In addition, in the automotive manufacturing process, PBT can also be used to make plug connectors.

  • In daily life, such as the handle of a shower or iron, PBT is also used. Butylene terephthalate can also be extracted into silk and used to make brush bristles for toothbrushes or makeup brushes. After adding flame retardant modification, PBT can be applied to connectors, transformer frames, cooling, fans, sockets, TV sets, parts, coil shaft switches and so on.

  • PBT is a crystalline aromatic polyester, with good flame retardancy, after adding flame retardants can reach UL94V0 level, commonly used flame retardants include bromide, SB3 phosphide and chloride halogen flame retardants.

  • PBT is characterized by toughness, is one of the strongest engineering thermal velocity materials, has very good chemical stability, mechanical strength, electrical insulation characteristics and thermal stability. The dilution characteristics of PBT are very weak, and the non-enhanced PBT has a tensile strength of 50 megapascals, and is usually modified by adding wave fibers. The binding force of wave fiber and PBT resin is good. After adding a certain amount of glass fiber to PBT resin, it can not only maintain the original advantages of chemical resistance and processability of PBT resin, but also greatly improve its mechanical properties and overcome the notch sensitivity of PBT resin.

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