cyclohexanone - An important intermediate in organic synthesis
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cyclohexanone - An important intermediate in organic synthesis

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Cyclohexanone is a kind of saturated ketone containing carbonyl carbon atoms in a six-membered ring. Although it is a ring, its properties are similar to open-chain ketone, and it can undergo oxidation, polymerization, substitution and other reactions in the presence of catalysts. It is an important intermediate in organic synthesis.

Early, the domestic cyclohexanone is only caprolactam intermediate products, manufacturers of cyclohexanone production capacity and caprolactam equipment match, only a small amount of commercial cyclohexanone supply market. Cyclohexanone as an independent industry growth and development, there are two main reasons: first, due to the continuous expansion of solvent use of cyclohexanone, especially as a high-grade organic solvent, in paint, ink, adhesives and other industries are widely used, forming a larger commodity market; Second, with the improvement of domestic production level, cyclohexanone plays an important role in the field of chemical synthesis, in addition to the chemical fiber field for the synthesis of caprolactam, adipic acid, can also prepare resin, polycaprolactone, pharmaceutical intermediates and other chemical products.

Applications in chemical synthesis:

1. Caprolactam and adipic acid

Cyclohexanone is mainly used in the production of caprolactam and adipic acid, which are important monomers in the manufacture of nylon and nylon 66 and other synthetic resins. In the downstream distribution of cyclohexanone, the use of chemical fiber industry accounts for more than 90% of the total production.

2, synthetic organic resin

Cyclohexanone can be used to produce cyclohexanone-formaldehyde resin, porphyrin resin, aromatic polyamine solid resin and so on. Compared with similar resins, cyclohexanone-formaldehyde resin (namely ketone aldehyde resin) has the advantages of high hardness, good weather resistance and oxygen resistance, low viscosity, high gloss, and can be miscible with various paint raw materials, etc. It is mainly used as paint resin, widely used in oil resin, alkyd resin, amino resin, acrylic resin, epoxy resin and other paints. It can also be used as dispersant and brightener for ink and ballpoint pen oil. Porphyrin resin has special anti-corrosion properties, can resist acid corrosion and organic dissolution, can be used as anti-corrosion coatings. Aromatic polyamine solid resins can be used as additives and chain growth agents for polyurethane rubber.

3. Dehydrogenation to o-phenylphenol

As an important organic fine chemical product, o-phenylphenol has a wide range of uses and broad prospects. It can be used in the synthesis of new phosphorous flame retardant materials, anti-corrosion fungicides, printing and dyeing AIDS, etc. With the further study of o-phenylphenol, its application field will be wider. Cyclohexanone condensation dehydrogenation is an ideal process for preparing o-phenylphenol. Its product purity is high and its application is wide. It has become the mainstream process.

4. Polycaprolactone

ε-caprolactone was synthesized from cyclohexanone, and ε-caprolactone was further polycaprolactone by ring-opening polymerization under the action of catalyst. Polycaprolactone is a white opaque solid with a certain rigidity. In addition, polycaprolactone has good biodegradability, drug permeability, and can release drugs stably for a long time. Therefore, polycaprolactone is widely used in drug carriers, coating toughening, degradable plastics, polyurethane modification and other fields.

5. Pharmaceutical intermediates

Cyclohexyldiacetic acid (CDA) is an important pharmaceutical intermediate, which is prepared from cyclohexanone, acetic acid, acetic anhydride and other raw materials, and can be used as an intermediate of gabapentin for the production of anti-epileptic drugs.

6, polyurethane additives

Cyclohexanone can be used to produce polyurethane assistant PC8, downstream polyether foam catalyst, polyurethane foam catalyst, etc. The terminal is refrigerator hard bubble, plate, combined polyether, external wall insulation, heat insulation layer, etc.

Cyclohexanone is an important organic chemical intermediate, the use is very wide, the terminal involved in clothing, construction, automobile, medicine, packaging and other fields, and is closely related to our life. As the main domestic cyclohexanone supplier, Hualu Hengsheng has first-class service and stable quality, and has established cooperation with downstream industries, and will continue to maintain stable and high-quality cyclohexanone supply in the future.

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