Sulfamic acid/H3NO3S/CAS 5329-14-6/food grade/Industrial grade/99.8%
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Sulfamic acid/H3NO3S/CAS 5329-14-6/food grade/Industrial grade/99.8%

English alias :sulphamic acid; Amidosulfonic acid; Amidosulfuric acid; Aminosulfonic acid
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other name :aminosulfuricacid;Imidosulfonic acid;Jumbo;Kyselina amidosulfonova;Kyselina sulfaminova;famic acid;SULFAMIDIC ACID;SULFAMIC ACID


Chemical properties white trapezi crystal crystals, odorless, not volatilized, not moisture absorption. Soluble in water and liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in methanol, insoluble in ethanol and ether, and insoluble in carbonide and liquid sulfur dioxide.

Uses: Aminoic acid can be used as the benchmark reagent in the analysis of chemistry. It is also used as a softener for herbicides, fireproof agents, paper and textiles, fiber anti -shrinkage, bleaching, soft agents, metal and ceramics cleaner , Synthetic catalysts of urinedehyde resin, it also used for dye heavy nitrogen and pigments of electroplating metal.

Uses: Amino acid sulfonic acid can be used as a bleach, which can reduce or eliminate the catalytic effect of heavy metal ions in the drifting fluid, so that the quality of drift liquid can be guaranteed, and the oxidation and degradation of metal ions on fiber can be reduced. It can also prevent the fiber Chemicalbook divergence reaction and increase the strength and whiteness of the pulp. When applying, be careful not to put it directly into the drifting fluid, but use water to dissolve with water before entering the drifting solution.

Uses: Amino acid is a solid -state one -dollar inorganic acid, which can also be regarded as a sulfide, sulfide, sulfonamic acid, and amurate. It is a sulfate monoamide compound. Because it has amino and sulfonic acid -based dual -functional groups, it can perform various chemical reactions. It is a very important fine chemical. Used as a herbicide, a fireproof agent, a cleaning agent of metal and ceramics, a soft agent and bleach of paper and textiles, catalysts that synthesize milederene resins, remove the pyrine in the production of nitrogen dyes, and use chloride and bleaching in the swimming pool in the swimming pool The stabilizer of the liquid. In the analysis of chemistry as the benchmark reagent for acid -base ticking.



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